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By Marina

Spinalonga, a piece of art.

On 28, May 2012 | 3 Comments | In Events | By Marina

All the art lovers and artists at heart will be really excited to know that Spinalonga, the renowned Island opposite Elounda, which was once a leper colony, will be transformed into a modern work of art by the distinguished Greek artist Kostas Tsoclis during the summer months.

The inauguration will be on Saturday, the 2nd of June and the exhibition will last until October the 31st.

The artistic intervention, titled “You, the Last Leper,” is anticipated to attract many tourists and guests, who will be visiting Crete during that period and it has been already recognized as one of the largest cultural endeavors in Greek borders and also one of the biggest worldwide.

The exhibition will include paintings, sculptures and multimedia installations that aim to evoke and reflect. Tsoclis has intentionally chosen Spinalonga in order to symbolize the internment of the lepers and also the contemporary forms of social exclusions. Tsoclis wishes to lead the visitor to identify with the ones that suffered and to offer a personal redemption through nature and art; finally letting him realize happiness and the joy of life.

As quoted, the aspiration of this artistic journey is the “liberation from the fear and prejudice that stigmatized for centuries an illness that is now treatable and has been called “sacred”.”

The Municipality of Saint Nicolaos, the Prefecture of Crete, the Museum of Kostas Tsoclis and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as well as the hoteliers of the region, have all cooperated and contributed to this exhibition.

For further information, please visit www. If you are looking to visit the exhibition, our Front Office team will be more than happy to assist you on arranging your boat trip to the Island, which is only 15 minutes away.


  1. Sara

    Good to know! We are visiting next week. :-)

  2. Peter

    Thank you!

  3. George

    I’ll be there!

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