Theme Nights

Daily Theme Nights

This year our chefs will bring in our daily theme dining, where no other menu will be the same.
With a variety of multicultural signature dishes, we will make sure that your summer appetite will be more than satisfied.

French Night
Name your dish: scallops, veal ragout, tatatouille, steak tartare? The variety of the main relish dishes by Mr Julien Montagne, the desserts, the unparalleled elegance and the wide selection of French wines to choose from, such as sauvignon, a red Bordeaux or a Sancerre will let the night just drift away..

Greek Night
One of the best loved theme nights is our Greek night. Make sure you attend to this festivity at least once whilst on your holidays. The live traditional Lyra music, the dancing mood, the one of a kind Cretan grilling by Georgios Papaparaskevas will surely overwhelm you and so will the mouthwatering dishes and the beach setting with its picturesque sunset. Do not miss it!

Arabian Night
The owner of one of the “best” restaurants in Israel , the author of two food books and presenter of food shows, Mr Segev, will be the essential guide on this delicious tour through the Arab cuisine and its unique flavors.

Italian Night
Colors, music, aromas from all over Italy, will be uniting for a delicate, appetizing dinner prepared by Mr. Cappelini, the well know Italian chef, the authority on this field!

Asian Night
Leave your summer appetite in the hands of Mr Cyril Calmet, the Executive chef of the Peninsula Bangkok luxury hotel, who will combine the culinary elements of Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and Malay, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine for a menu designed just for you..

Cretan Night
Have you ever tried dishes seasoned with wild, aromatic herbs or tasted a mouthful dakos salad with trimmed feta and virgin Cretan oil, drinking flavored raki at a view like no other?
The famous local chef Stavrakakis is the one, who will introduce you to this Minoan ritual and change your diet habits forever.

Fish Night
In a magical location, you will be served freshly grilled or oven cooked fish delicacies, daily caught from Cretan sea, along with mezedes and ouzo. Would you ask for anything more? Just let the chef Mr Malandrakis know and be sure that he will do his best!